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An applications for clinics

ClinicOnWeb is a fully integrated comprehensive and cost effective cloud application and Software as a Service hosted and made available on internet which is accessible 24×7 for any type of clinics and doctors. This is the ideal solution for doctors/staffs who are always on the move or those working from home or other locations outside their clinic.

The application ensures the proper management of clinic practices allowing to focus on providing quality patient care and maintaining doctor-patient relationships.


  • Reliable Affordable and User Friendly
  • Enhanced doctor patient relationship
  • Saves Time and Money
  • Information at your fingertips
  • Less paper work
  • Storage of X-Rays/digital images
  • Workflow and Patient Queue Management
  • Appointments and Monthly Calendar
  • Billing, Receipts and Collection Statement
  • Patient Education (Images / Videos)

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Become a channel partner for the ClinicOnWeb and make a profitable business advantage

What is Channel Partner?

    Through the channel partnership we are giving a best business opportunity using the ample chances of clinic automation software as a service. The Clinic automation system under cloud application, is a software as a service where customers can easily access the software through internet. The major advantages are it is cost-effective, less software maintenance and time wastage. We maintain the application and extend support that gives client hassle free usage.

How To Become A Partner

    Anyone can become a channel partner, who can sell our clinic automation system. Channel partner will get benefited from each client introduced by him and he can monitor his clients through the partner application.
    Simply register with our site as channel partner and after the necessary verification we will enable as our channel partner. We will be providing an partner application. The partner application through you will be able to add new clients , you can watch clients validity periods etc..


    The channel partners can make business by adding new clients to the clinic automation system and they will be remunerated accordingly. This initiative aims for growing profitable business for us and our partners and creating strong and successful relationships.

    The software benefits the partner as it is cost-effective, minimum software maintenance and saves time.